I’m Ben Szatmari, a graphic designer and visual artist born and raised in Budapest, Hungary. I think my career and life started pretty much the same way like of other designers. Fetched my first pair of crayons and started to draw and I did not stop until I reached the edge of the paper or in most cases I didn’t stop there and draw over the table. Although I was always drawing — since I can think back — doesn’t mean that I was that much clear of my path as a designer. Later on, I studied biology, I even had a scholarship in Germany for natural science, but at the end, I chose visual communication. My interest for biology was there not only because I admired nature and animals, but because I was amazed by the structure and design of organisms. So in my view biology was there for me to understand systems how they work and how they are developing.

At some point of my life, I watched an animated movie called “Princess Mononoke” a movie created by the legendary movie maker Hayao Miyazaki. I was so fascinated by that movie that I wanted to learn animation, so decided to learn how to properly draw and paint and when I started my college I was not that clear about graphic design. I just wanted to make animations, but later on, however, I discovered so many things such as typography, package design, and many other things. And my interests in this field are still growing. I am looking for new dimensions in order to create or recreate, connect or reconnect, destroy and build.

My great passion besides nature was gaming. In games there is the perfect space and environment for exploring and interaction, and when I can sum up the things I rather thinking of myself as not only as a designer but rather a problem solver or explorer finding new ways to interact with, creating combinations and letting things to evolve and grow. In both graphic, interaction and game design, there is this value and potential that I highly appreciate and devote. This is how I work, how I think and how I live.